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  • Neo Lord
    Neo Lord

    Do invincible next.

  • Aakash Gamer
    Aakash Gamer

    This movie only made 550.7 Million Dollars, wow it made less than the Phantom Menace, WHAT THE FRICK!

  • Aakash Gamer
    Aakash Gamer

    Ace Ventura+Mob Boss+The Annoying Darn Cat(1997)-Anything likeable about The Joker= Jared Leto Playing the Joker

  • akahoondog

    Kung Pow references! This is by far my favorite honest trailer

  • Alessio Spurio
    Alessio Spurio

    Honest Trailer about ATTACK NO.1 please!

  • M Paws
    M Paws

    the movie was an out right stinker, but at least it is something to rip on =P

  • Y-4

    Can you do the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes?

  • praveen R
    praveen R

    The time taken to do this video though...

  • calgacus34

    Surprised you didn't call out the brass body rip off.

  • DingoAteMyBaby

    The Kung POW enter the dust joked absolutely fucking killed me

  • Tomas Galeana
    Tomas Galeana

    Do Twin Peaks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trey Walker
    Trey Walker

    So this movie is Sharkboy VS. Batman?

  • Trey Walker
    Trey Walker

    I would have been grossed out before, but that wolf is hella hot now that i realized im bi

  • Jadiina Hopefield
    Jadiina Hopefield

    Oh my gosh 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lejendary

    Hulk: *STARES AT HIS OWN REFLECTION IN A PUDDLE ON THE GROUND* "If you're nothing without these pants, then you shouldn't have them."

  • Chris Lindsay
    Chris Lindsay

    Best one they ever made. Perfect.

  • William Ryan
    William Ryan

    Do a trailer for the Castlevania anime!

  • Michael

    2020 was one hell of a year

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar

    Mr. Ambien😂🔥

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar

    Question their own existence 😂🔥

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar

    Has only one facial expression😂🔥👌

  • Gaming w lilMan
    Gaming w lilMan

    Long live Kung Pow!

  • James Baughn
    James Baughn

    Can you do Long Kiss Goodnight?

  • Tyrell King
    Tyrell King

    Mortal kombat has a really good story but idk what this movies plot is🤣

  • James Baughn
    James Baughn

    Can you do long kiss goodnight?

  • James Baughn
    James Baughn

    Can you do long kiss goodnight?

  • Emmanuel Tapera
    Emmanuel Tapera

    do bill and ted face the music

  • Worst Teammate
    Worst Teammate

    Please do "it follows"

  • Ahmad Sholahudin Al hasany
    Ahmad Sholahudin Al hasany

    Please say "baby shark, baby shark, bedoo bedoo bedoooooooo"

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell

    Lust = That glue finger feeling

  • Dave Ambrose
    Dave Ambrose

    Undisputably the best Joker ever

  • Damiann Ford
    Damiann Ford

    This is one of the best ones😂😂😂☠☠☠

  • Ale X
    Ale X

    where did Scorpion learned to speak English ? in hell?🙃

  • Daniel Marzoa
    Daniel Marzoa

    Everything is money!!!!!

  • Thanvik Reddy
    Thanvik Reddy

    Every David Fincher movie!

  • kezung

    Do the godfather series next.

  • Alessio Pasquali
    Alessio Pasquali


  • TkieSai LastName
    TkieSai LastName

    Omf this made me cry it's so funny xD

  • Geeta Dhumane
    Geeta Dhumane

    The film overwhelmed me at some places and underwhelmed me at some other places.....Now that's just confusing

  • Alan Drak
    Alan Drak

    lol he's not Scorpion's son,he's just a descendant.Scorpion's baby is a girl...

  • D At
    D At

    Kole's special abiility was literal plot Armour

  • Windy Hawthorn
    Windy Hawthorn

    Frozen was just not that great. It was okay but it felt like they missed something important. And certain songs was just catchy and repetitive vary repetitive. Bartok the magnificent was a better movie then frozen. I have only watched frozen once.


    why is there no first class honest trailer??

  • Benny Benatis
    Benny Benatis

    you forgot Hanzo/Scorpion is Japanese, he only speaks Japanese since the beginning of the movie, until the end of the movie he said "Get over here" !!! how he know how to speak english?

  • Raj Priyatham
    Raj Priyatham

    Pornhub comments are the most civilized and kind and helpful comments ever

  • Splash Attack TCG
    Splash Attack TCG

    *”A bunch of C listers who are just there to donate blood.”* 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Arshia Mazumder
    Arshia Mazumder

    they really nitpicked the nitpicks

  • Mr nippy nelson
    Mr nippy nelson

    Mike barns and Terry silver will be here soon.

  • Mr. Cato
    Mr. Cato

    They should choose a different story for the games since there are other stories

  • questof1


  • K

    romeo montague asmr😭

  • Andreí Torres
    Andreí Torres

    So it’s the same story told 8 different ways?

  • Steven Mandrell
    Steven Mandrell

    YES!! We need more kung-pow references!🤣🤣

  • Storm the Sorrow
    Storm the Sorrow

    The most ironic part is Walker's story ark is a lot more interesting, his character shows growth, improvement, and valor, yet he's not a main character and denied attention or a spotlight.

  • Bryan Lipscomb
    Bryan Lipscomb

    Four Loko

  • Arrhidaios Pydnaean
    Arrhidaios Pydnaean

    I heard comparing raya to avatar was rascist, so I kept my mouth shut. Thank you sir for stating the obvious.

  • Steve C
    Steve C

    The whole Black Widow fight scene was absolutely epic. Barely a mention in this vid, though.

  • Telling Fat to Fork Itself
    Telling Fat to Fork Itself

    Looks bitchin!

  • Max Skullic
    Max Skullic

    I do NOT want to see the deviant art version of this!


    Honest trailer Jack the giant slayer

  • Spock Tiberius McCoy
    Spock Tiberius McCoy

    Why is nobody talking about the foot thing???

  • ElAbdul

    "Nine Lives Blade Works "

  • Jon Adams
    Jon Adams

    Thanks for the Kung Pow reference! Maybe do an honest trailers for that.

  • Jeff My name is
    Jeff My name is

    Honestly the worst part about this series is how hard Bucky got sidelined.

  • R T
    R T

    "Can someone tell me why the original Shrek is playing *on every TV in this movie?!* " was my favorite part

  • BatmanAndRobert

    So, acid is perfectly safe if it isn't boiling? 🤣

  • Aaron Frejborg
    Aaron Frejborg

    Pfft, I really like the first 3 Transformer movies! Especially the first one! Great popcorn entertainment. No need to be elitist or toogood for the fun and enjoyable action.

  • Joseph Perry
    Joseph Perry

    sorry bro, but Power Rangers started in 1975, and Spider Man in 1978. That is if we are talking about in JAPAN. Power Rangers is the American name for Super Sentai

  • Phista

    did you include her kicks in der he kill count ? xD

  • Scott_itall

    Glad its up for torrent already, not worth the money.

  • Centered

    Just watched it on HBO max, it was horrible.

  • masterman9999

    How Jax got his arms was the stupidest part of this movie, second was Coles "super" power.

  • Darkflight Gaming
    Darkflight Gaming

    I wanna watch this so bad!!!

  • Dolph Winter
    Dolph Winter

    DISLIKE for blurring the gore. Either show it or don't BUT DO NOT CENCOR! 3:53

  • Kyle

    The lore is a lot better than people think. The movie is garbage tho, just saying.

  • Don't Look Me Up
    Don't Look Me Up

    I wanted fights like in 1995 but got baited hard!!!!! Everything he talked about though was accurate lmao dude I was pissed watching the new mortal kombat lol I wanted actually fights. Not just two fights and that is it. The next movie better be waaaaayyyy better than this one lmao

  • Patrick McSwain
    Patrick McSwain

    A rare thumbs down, for the cult reference.

  • An Alien from outer space
    An Alien from outer space

    lol Unreal Tournament...

  • Saviro Kamp2.0
    Saviro Kamp2.0

    You should have called Cole Young plot armor

  • The Company and country of Tra's Bodybuilding
    The Company and country of Tra's Bodybuilding